Back again!

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough.

Well I thought I’d pop in and update you all with whats been going on since my last visit.  I did buy a new cab, well new to me anyway.

I bought it from Ascotts who, I have to say, have been brilliant so far. I haven’t had too many problems with it but those that have occurred Ascotts have dealt with them straight away and  all under their superb warranty.

I did have an accident last year on the Commercial Rd. A car driven by a young lad,  did a U turn in front of me and parked in the kerb but as I passed him he pulled staight out into the side of the cab and damaged the whole of the nearside.

Having had dealings with insurance companies in the past I wasn’t looking forward to reporting this one but after looking at the video footage of the accident the third parties insurance company paid up for my damage within 2 weeks and I was back in my cab. It’s a shame my insurance company weren’t able to deal with the loss of earnings claim as efficiently!

I know that the traffic and the rise of certain mini cab apps have been making our working environment a bit of a challenge but I am still meeting my targets most nights and I have noticed that I have not had to deal with the usual late night drunks and vomiters,  in fact I have seen an awful lot of people hanging out of Toyota Prius windows leaving their lunch in their wake! Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Obviously I have had my fair share of dodgy and interesting jobs since my last visit but as I’m posting this from my phone I’ll wait until I get on the pc at home before I bore you all with them. 

Well that’s enough for today, hopefully I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Delboy. 



Not the best of days

Hi everyone

it’s been quite a while since I last blogged, not for not wanting to but really having Time to and to think through what to say, all my old blogs are just me rambling on and sorry this ones no better.

I’ve now been driving my cab for Just over 23 years and it’s only been the last few years that’s really taken its toll.

I’m now working longer days to to support my family.

Since the onslaught on London by the American transportation company Uber, work has taken a nose dive.

I’m all for change and competition as long as it’s fair.

Uber and the private hire trade is unlawful and unjust in the manner to which they operate.

I don’t blame Uber, I blame our licensing body, TFL, Transport for London for allowing them to operate unlawfully.

My day started badly, I managed to get to my usual Pret a Manger coffee shop at the top of Great Portland Street, a much needed coffee to kick start my day.

just as I was about to take a bite out of my high fibre muffin, there’s a tap on the window, can you take me to Park square East,just before I dropped her off I was offered a job on gett taxi, I pressed the except instead of reject button, all I could think of was to get to my bank in Marylebone high street, I needed to deposit my previous nights earnings.

I was just about to get in me cab that I noticed something on my windscreen and a traffic warden nodding her head, I said why, I wasn’t that long, she said I was more then three minutes.

This is a bad start to my day.

It was only when I got back into my cab that I noticed a missed call after leaving the bank that jogged my memory,I quickly called to check he still wanted the cab,he did, I apologised and quickly drove to Hallam street, lucky it wasn’t far, he was waiting on the pavement for me, he asked to go to Crawford street, I said no problem and started driving towards charlotte street before my punter rightfully said, are we going the right way.

I couldn’t apologise enough and asked where abouts
In Crawford street he wanted, I made my way there along the Marylebone road to get there as fast as possible, on the way I tried explaining how my crappy and tiring week went, he was ok and then explained he’s had a similar type of week, after turning back towards Crawford st from Tottenham Court Road I turned my meter off and didn’t switch it back on, he noticed when he got out, I told him that I wasn’t going to charge him, he thanked me.

Thank god that was the worst thing I did all day but there were several near misses with Minicabs and even a Bus cut me up going round Trafalgar square, non of which were my fault i’m glad to say.

I Nearly forgot to mention, I apologise to the cab driver that I nicked a job from earlier at Rotunda.

I hope your day has gone better then mine. Be lucky and keep those doors locked.



Friday night in my cab

Hello everyone, hope your all well. 
I was just about to exit the st pancras renaissan hotel, when a very well dressed suited black man came running down the stairs, shouting you just nicked my job, I said sorry mate I didn’t see you. 

The problem is I did notice him because I parked right in- front of him to drop someone off. right outside the front door, as my punter payed me off, this guy came up to me and asked for a quote to Waterloo. I told him about £20 give or take a few bob.
Me not thinking and getting totally side tracked, I let him and his young partner get in the back.
he started the Conversation off by saying I’m sixty and I don’t look it do I.
What am I going to say to that. 
I said no sir you look good, of course I was lying through my back teeth, I’m sixty and he looked a good 70.
Anyway, going back to where I was leaving the hotel with them in the back, the other cab driver turned back towards the hotel saying, you’ve now got them in the back so you might as well carry on. 
I said no and explained to my punter what I did, he said no problem and they got out. The other driver must have said something to him and made his way round to pick them up at the bottom of the stairs.

I’m now leaving the Renaissance hotel and making my way towards the Mondrian hotel in upper ground because I saw through the cabbies Twitter feed, UCGup that there was work there, it wasn’t a straight forward drive because Farringdon road was blocked south bound junction with clerkenwell road, so I diverted through Smithfield market.
As I’m driving up Long lane, south side of Smithfield market, a cab in front of me pulled up to let his punter out, then to my surprise someone else gets in, I pulled up next to him and said I was behind you with my light on, he apologised and he must have explained to his punter what was happening, she got out and into my cab, I thanked the driver and drove off.
On my way back from the Smithfield job, three foreign looking guys stopped by Edgware Road station and said take us to the Whitehouse hotel, pointing in the rough direction, I told them I know where it is, so off we go.
While heading up the Marylebone road towards the hotel, one of them said stop, your going the wrong way, I said I think you better show me exactly where it is you want. 
I turned back as instructed towards the Edgware Road, reset me meter, they then they told me it was in Norfolk place.
I dropped them at a completely different named hotel and said I thought you wanted the White House hotel, they pointed back down the road towards a white building and said that’s it. 
I started Friday night tired and didn’t really feel like working but came out anyway, bills to pay. As the night went on, I was relaxed and laid back and felt quite comfortable, I made a few mistakes of which I put down to being tired. 
It’s now 03.35 on a Saturday morning and I’m off home before the Sun rises, I’ll get a few hours sleep and up a 10 to take my boy somewhere. 
Night all and be very lucky. 



Funny and sad while driving my cab

While sitting on the swallow Street rank, in the middle of Regent street, a young couple crossed the road to hail a taxi, then they realised I was waiting , so they came up to me and said, are you going this way, meaning, in the opposite direction to what I was facing. I said any way you like sir. They only wanted Cockspur street,they were a really nice couple. He was slightly more intoxicated then his partner. When we arrived at their destination, I asked for the money and said to him, have a good night. God knows why I said that, after all it was two in the morning,something I alway say tho. He said to me with a smile don’t worry I will, I said I can see why, good night. His partner was gorgeous.

My next piece isn’t quite as cheerful, I was driving up the Mile End road E1 when someone flagged me down. I asked where too, he said Stoke Newington please, so four guys jumped in the back of me cab and said there’s a fifth person to pick up, 
So I wound down me rear window so they could call him over, he was on the opposite side of the road, I couldn’t stay where I picked them up because the lights were just about to change, so I told them to let his mate know that I’ll pull up in Cambridge Heath road and wait there. Their mate was on the phone and not paying to. much attention to their instructions, not looking properly to where he was running, he ran straight into the path of a passing car, it took him about 20yards up the road before he fell to the ground, lucky he got straight up, his friends in the back were stunned and didn’t get out straight away, so I shouted at them to go and see if there mate was ok, they All ran towards him along with the car driver that hit him and helped him to the pavement, where they sat him down.
My next piece made me smile. 

I pick a middle aged couple in Oxford street, she ask me to go to Conway house in Red Lion Square WC1, so off we go, I managed to get £4 on my meter before they asked me to stop the cab, she told me they are going to a party and they are a month early, her partner said to her, I’ll remind you of this one day. I had to laugh and said to the guy, you better make a note in your diary mate, he agreed.
That’s my lot for now, Be Lucky and if in doubt, keep em out.



Beggars can’t be chossers 

I’d only just dropped Egerton place one end, twenty yards further along, to my surprise I saw someone walking down his stairs with his arm held high, shouting Taxi.
As he got in, he said that was lucky, I said lucky for me too.
He only went as far as the old Brompton road South Kensington,for the grand total of £4.60.
Work is hard to find at the moment so beggars can’t be choosers  I only wish it was always like that to drop and pick up straight away, it only happens occasionally
He was a really nice guy and explained to me he regularly uses Hailo and said why wait outside in the rain or cold when you can quite simply order a taxi from the comfort of your living room.
I couldn’t have agreed more and told him Hailo charge us a percentage and there is a chance you might be sent a mini cab one day.
I said its always best for cabbies when you hail us in the street but if you have to why not try our new forthcoming Maaxi app and TaxiToo app, he said he would take a look.



Another one bites the dust 

I’ve been driving Del Boys old V reg TX1 for the past 
5 years but now it’s time is up,on  the 24th of March it will go to the black cab grave yard.
The only reason del got rid of it was because he thought the gear box was knackered and on its way out, so he sold it to Hexagon and then rented it back of them, then after six months he decided to upgrade to a TX2 that’s when I took it over, it had another engine put in roughly  just over  a year ago.

All this time Hexagon Taxis
managed to keep the original gear box going, that was until recently. They were going to scrap the cab early but decided against it and put a second hand gear box in. I can only assume they did this because they couldn’t replace the cab with another one.
They’ve now got a further 8 days to find me another cab, preferably a w reg tx1, otherwise it will have to be a tx2, because me being the tight arse I am, there’s no way I want to pay another £50 a week for a tx4 and end up paying more to the tax man.



That time again.

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough.
It’s been nearly 3 years since I decided to buy my cab and on the whole I have been very pleased with it.
But now that the warranty is running out I have decided to get another one.
The decision to do this was made a couple of weeks ago when my starter packed up and I was stuck outside the Royal Opera House for 4 hours waiting for an AA recovery truck that,  had the AA patrol looked and seen a wire had come off the starter rather than hit it with a big hammer and declare that it was dead, wasn’t needed.  2 minutes spent with Memet and I was back on the road!
So after a bit of a search around I ended up in Sth London in Ascotts, where I had a  chat with the sales team and settled on a 12 plate elegance which I should pick up on the 24th.
Talking about cabs,  my old TX1 has finally come to the end of the road.  I had it for about 7 years or so then sold it to Hexagon and rented it back for a while.
I  then rented a TX2 from them and Steve took over my old one and all was well until last week when Steve got stuck in Paddington station with a knackered gearbox. As she is nearly at the 15 year limit Hexagon can’t justify putting a new box in so she is off to ply for hire on the great rank in the sky.
Well thats me done for now, I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Delboy.



A very rude young lady

I just turned the corner into the Aldwych and was going to rank up outside the Me Hotel, I couldn’t get on the rank because of a parked Roller at the back but then a young girl flagged me down. After 3 slurred attempts to explain where she wanted, she got in.

Half way there she asked if she could pay by card, I said she could, then she said you won’t charge me £10 extra like other drivers will you, I said surely you mean 10% not pound, no reply,so I just carried on.

When We approached her Road, I checked my mirror to ask what number she wanted, she just woke up and told me no 12, so I pulled up outside, after what felt a lot longer then 5 minutes, I asked her what she’s doing, she said she’s trying to find her card, then she said how much does she owe me,I told her £26.60, she said she got in with her card but can’t find it.

After waiting a further 5 minutes while she’s fiddling around in her bag, now looking for her house keys, she looked out the window and said, I told you I live at no 37, with that she says do you want me to leave my phone on your back seat while I go and get your money, I said yes please. I thought that makes a change for someone to offer.

I followed behind her while she walked up to her house and I waited in the middle of the road. She couldn’t have found her house key because she had to knock on the door, when someone let her in, which was most probably her mum, they had a few words, then the lady asked me where I picked her up from. I’m now thinking she will want to complain that I’m ripping her daughter off. I said does that matter and told her ive been waiting nearly15 minutes for her to find her card and house keys.

They both walked back inside and I could here them arguing, a few moments later the very rude drunk girl came out and handed me £20, I said you still owe me £6.60, back in she goes and out they both came. I reckon the mum had a word because instead of being just plain rude, she’s now said in a
sarcastic manner while handing me the rest of my money, make sure you give me the correct change. As I did she said your just a peasant,I said and your a very rude adolescent kid. With that I pulled off.

There’s only one thing I regret and that’s stopping my meter before I got paid and of course, picking her up.

Thank god she’s gone. I can now move on to hopefully better mannered passengers.

That’s all for now, be lucky and keep those doors locked



You learn something new everyday

Well that’s what people say isn’t it?
What I learned yesterday is that I am not as perfect a cab driver as I thought I was,  let me explain.
As any of you that have followed this site from the early days will know I got my badge on 4th July 2002 and since then I have tried to be the best cab driver I can. I always try to observe the cabbie code and never pick up near a rank if there is a cab on point.
Yesterday l grabbed a cuppa and a roll in the piccolo then went to look for somewhere to eat it.
I came up to the Hilton park lane rank and there were only 3 cabs on it, so I put on behind and there I sat for 5 minutes or so  while I ate my food.
When the cab on point pulled off I started to pull up when a cab pulled along side and tooted his horn.
“Were you on the  rank down there? ”
He asked, while pointing over his shoulder towards Hamilton place.
“No” I replied.
“Well that’s the feeder rank for this one” the other cabbie replied.
So I apologised and pulled away feeling like a butterboy on his first day.
The  only excuse for my fupar is that I have nearly always worked nights and most nights that rank  is full of cabs that are empty while the drivers have gone to lunch. And as I generally don’t rank up there I honestly didn’t realise that it was a feeder for the Hilton.
So if you were on the feeder yesterday,  Tuesday  24th,  please accept my apologies for my mistake and I will be more careful next time.
Be lucky and I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Delboy.



Blogging again

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I last blogged so here goes.

I’ve been kept busy in a new relationship for the last couple of years, giving me no time to blog , along with any other excuse not too.

Chatting to my old mate Derek the other day, he told me he was going to start blogging again from his smart phone, directly onto the site and how could he.

Being he doesn’t have administrative rights to do that, I told him about the word press app and that he could write and publish from it and that’s exactly what he did and by doing so he has given me the incentive to start blogging again.

I picked up this middle aged American guy in Mayfair and he asked to be taken to St George’s wharf on the Wandsworth road.
I said no problem but you didn’t have to tell me what street, he said he disagreed and said that he uses a lot of cabs and in the last few weeks no one knew where St George’s wharf was, he also went on to say, he reckons he must have used at least 12′000 cabs in his life time.

As he Paid me off and tried to leave, he couldn’t find the door handle, I really wanted to say, you sure 12,000 cabs but didn’t.

Last night was one of those nights you wished you stayed at home.

Nearly 13 hours door to door, it was hard graft, after about 11pm the quality of work was better but the type of people in the back of me cab took a nose dive, pissed and indecisive.

It’s now 2.30 am and I’m
On my way home thank god, I kept me hire light on as I drove up Camden high St, I stopped at a red light, someone banged on the side window, as I wound the window down he grunted something that only Godzilla would understand, no way was he getting in the back.

That’s all for now, keep your eyes open and doors locked and be lucky.

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